Only 5 Units available! - These floorplans are available on the second row with a view over the single story homes in the center on the beachfront.  These lots are higher in elevation than the beachfront homes and perfect for those who don't mind a little more distance from the ocean.  Sites L1 through L5 are all designed for this floorplan with a front entrance and plenty of room for a pool or hot tub in fornt or behind the house.  These homes are great for pet owners who want private space for their pets to run free!  All lots for the Ballena floorplan are much larger than the lot size for the beachfront homes.

Lot sizes, privacy to the north and south, and offset vary from lot to lot in the back row as can be observed in the lot subdivision map below but all prices are the same

First Come First Serve!  Contact Us to reserve today for $500